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The Healthful Darling

Meet Eryn Darling, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and face of The Healthful Darling™

When Eryn moved from Toronto to Sarnia in 2014, she was immediately drawn to Sunripe for it's beautiful fresh produce. Studying in London and living in Sarnia, Eryn knew she could always count on Sunripe to provide healthy ingredients and meal options to suit her busy schedule. Now, as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Child & Youth Care Practitioner, Eryn recognizes that the quality and nutrient-density of the food served at the family table is of massive importance. In order to support healthy families and communities, Eryn and Sunripe have joined forces to help you make simple & impactful choices about the food you bring to the table.

Within her practice, Eryn uses the power of food to help teach families how to optimize their health and ultimately transform their lives. Sometimes this means creating a colourful & vibrant salad, and other times it means making a batch of comforting brownies...with a healthy twist, of course! Eryn supports the entire family dynamic by respecting each member for their individual health goals and preferences. Eryn's areas of specialty include: Mental Health, Complex Childhood Behaviours, Digestion and the Immune System. Eryn is also a passionate advocate for childhood PANDAS awareness, supporting this condition using a holistic framework.

Be sure to stay tuned for Eryn's bi-weekly "nutritionist picks" and recipes created just for Sunripe, as well as an exciting introductory GIVEAWAY!

*please note that due to COVID-19, service options have changed. For specific information about services offered, please contact Eryn directly or visit her website.

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