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You can just image a peach or nectarine with the juice running down your chin.  An apple that squirts from the side of your mouth is just one of life’s little pleasures. SUNRIPE brings you the freshness of your garden every day. SUNRIPE’s owner Will has been travelling to the Toronto Food Terminal for over 30 years to hand select (and taste)  your fresh fruit and vegetables. "It’s like being a fine wine selector" says Willemsen, "cherries , raspberries, blueberries, every lot every variety tastes just a little different".


 You can see the SUNRIPE truck delivering produce that Will has just selected hours ago. No warehouse, just direct from the farmer to you. Produce this fresh lasts so much longer in your refrigerator not to mention the taste and nutrition. Try SUNRIPE you can see the difference.

Illustration of an apple
Illustration of a pear

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London Hyde Park

(519) 473-4400

London Adelaide

(519) 433-4141


(519) 542-1241

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