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Frequently Asked Questions

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When are you open?

9 to 7 Mondays-Fridays

9 to 6 Saturdays

9 to 5 Sundays

Hyde Park location is open 9-7 on Saturdays and 9-6 on Sundays

Do you hire full time staff?

Yes.  90% of us are full time.  We also share in a profit sharing plan and offer other great workplace incentives like a health plan and purchase discount.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we  deliver our trays and baskets. See our Gifts page here.

Delivery times: Sarnia 10am-4pm London 9am-5pm


Where do you deliver to?

From our Sarnia location: 

  • Sarnia (Monday - Friday)

  • Bright's Grove (Monday - Friday)

  • Camlachie (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Corunna (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Reese's Corner (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Wyoming (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Mooretown (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Petrolia (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Brigden (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Courtright (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Blue Point (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Aberarder (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Forest (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Wanstead* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Oil Springs* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Bent Path* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Edys Mills* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Kettle Point* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Sombra* (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Watford* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Wilkesport* (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Alvinston* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Inwood* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Arkona* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Thedford* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Port Lambton* (Wednesday & Friday)

  • Aberfeldy* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Shetland* (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Wallaceburg*

  • Dresden*

  • Lambton Shores*

  • Florence*

  • Rutherford*

  • Ipperwash*

  • Strathroy*

From our London locations: (Monday - Friday)

  • London

  • Alymer*

  • Belmont*

  • Chatham*

  • Hanover*

  • Ilderton*

  • Ingersoll*

  • Komoka*

  • Kilworth*

  • Lucan*

  • Mt. Brydges*

  • Owen Sound*

  • Port Stanley*

  • Putnam*

  • St. Thomas*

  • Strathroy*

  • Thamesford*

  • Thorndale*

  • Waterloo*

  • Windsor*


      *Orders must be placed via phone

Do you have fliers or specials?

Yes, please subscribe to our email list and we will send you our featured items. These specials do not occur weekly.

For the most up-to-date daily information follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

How do I check the balance on my gift card?

Gift card balances can be checked by any of our cashiers in store, just ask us on your way in to use it!

How did SUNRIPE get started?

Will Willemsen started with basic produce in Sarnia in 1982, quickly growing to include a scratch bakery, meat shoppe and delicatessen.  

Is SUNRIPE part of a chain?

No, there are only three stores, Sarnia [started in 1982], Adelaide London [started in 2005], and Hyde Park London [started in 2016], all owned and operated by the Willemsen family.

Where do all the products come from?

Our produce comes from the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto. Will Willemsen hand selects all of the produce for the stores. It is delivered and sold the same day. No warehouse in between. Most bakery items are made from scratch. Deli and Meat products are purchased from local farmers and suppliers. Our kitchen products are cooked in store.

Why does Sunripe produce stay fresh for so much longer than the grocery stores produce?

There is no warehouse to store produce like the chain stores.  It comes directly from the farm to the store.

Am I eligible for your social media giveaways?

To enter our giveaways please ensure you would be able to receive your prize in store and are not currently an employee of SUNRIPE. For an entire list of rules visit: Sunripe Social Media Giveaway Rules

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