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Dear SUNRIPE friends and family,

We want to reassure that we are doing our very best to continue to keep our team and our community safe. We thank you for continually working with us to adapt changes implemented during this unprecedented time.

As part of the community, eating the very food we serve you, we know how important this is. Please message us if you have any questions and pay attention to the advice of the Canadian Government and World Health Organization.

Thank you,

Will Willemsen

Store Hours





Our store hours of business remain unchanged. You may notice less of our team on the floor as we are keeping our distance and expanding our schedules to keep our team and guests safe. 

Friday March 13, 2020


Dear SUNRIPE friends,


This message is to let you know that we are closely monitoring suggestions by the government and World Health Organization. This message is only precautionary as we reinforce our existing high standards for cleanliness and sanitation and add to our current routines.


We have taken the following steps:

  • Additional to our existing cleaning team members, we have added more resources towards cleaning and sanitizing high-use surfaces, such as shopping carts, restrooms, credit/debit card readers, etc., frequently throughout the day.

  • Reminding the SUNRIPE team the importance of thorough hand washing and changing gloves repeatedly. Reinforcing that it is also important for our team members to stay home when feeling sick.

  • Our entrances and other key areas around the stores have been equipped with sanitation stations.

  • Self-sampling stations have been discontinued for the time being.


As part of the community, eating the very food we serve you we know how important this is. Thank you for assisting us in taking action to keep our community clean and healthy. Please message us if you have any questions and pay attention to the advice of the Canadian Government and World Health Organization.


Thank you,

Will Willemsen


Informational Resources:



Sunday March 15, 2020

I'd just like to post an update on our food supply. Some people have expressed concerns that there may be shortages. The Ontario Food Terminal has been continuing business and we are able to get our produce as usual. Ryall or I will be buying every day so if we seem to be out today you can trust that we will have more tomorrow. We will continue to keep updates on our Facebook, Instagram and website ( Please send us a message if you have any questions!




Monday March 16, 2020

Dear customers,

Due to current circumstances and the safety of our team we ask that you refrain from bringing re-useable bags into our stores. Please also try to limit use of cash until further notice, the use of credit/debit cards will eliminate our team’s need to touch cash.


Thank you

Monday March 16, 2020

Sliced bread and lunch meat update:

We are taking the following actions to minimize the amount of times our products need to be handled. As of today, March 17th, we will be discontinuing our sliced-to-order meats and bread. All deli lunch meats will be available pre-sliced and packaged. All bread will be available as is, some being sliced in the morning with some left unsliced.


Thank you for helping us serve our community and stay safe.

Saturday March 22, 2020


New plexiglass barriers have been put up for our cashiers. Ryall and Brad, our truck driver, worked extra hard on making these go from idea to in the stores in just one day! We'd also like to thank our local dentists for lending our team masks to use too. Slipacoff Dental Centre Eltanty Sarnia Dental

We also ask guests to shop with the motto "if you touch it, please take it" Tip: use a produce bag over your hand to pick up your fruits and vegetables. Please remember to leave reusable bags at home and use a cashless method of payment!


Thank you for keeping your distance and helping us all stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

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When are you open?

9 to 7 Mondays-Fridays

9 to 6 Saturdays

9 to 5 Sundays

Hyde Park location is open 9-7 on Saturdays and 9-6 on Sundays

Do you hire full time staff?

Yes.  90% of us are full time.  We also share in a profit sharing plan and offer other great workplace incentives like a health plan, purchase discount.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we  deliver our trays and baskets. See our Trays & Baskets Page Here.

Do you have fliers or specials?

Yes, please subscribe to our email list and we will send you our featured items. These specials do not occur weekly.

For the most up-to-date information follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

How did SUNRIPE get started?

Will Willemsen started with basic produce in Sarnia in 1982, quickly growing to include a scratch bakery, meat shoppe and delicatessen.  

Is SUNRIPE part of a chain?

No, there are three stores, Sarnia [started in 1982], Adelaide London [started in 2005], and Hyde Park London [started in 2016], all owned and operated by the Willemsen family

Where do all the products come from?

The produce comes from the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto. Will Willemsen hand selects all of the produce for the stores. It is delivered and sold the same day. No Warehouse.

Most bakery items are made from scratch.

Meat is purchased from local farmers.

Why does Sunripe produce stay fresh for so much longer than the grocery stores produce?

There is no warehouse to store produce like the chain stores.  It comes directly from the farm to the store.

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*Our Hyde Park location is open one hour later on weekends.



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Our Mission

To delight and enrich our customers with fresh and unique signature products in a warm, welcoming, and clean marketplace by an impassioned team. 

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