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Will Willemsen


Hi I’m Will! Owner and, more importantly, the produce guy at SUNRIPE.

I grew up on a farm in Blenheim, Ontario. That’s where my passion for fresh began. I wanted to share that passion and began SUNRIPE. In 1982 (boy do I feel old) I opened our first store in the North end of Sarnia, Ontario.

We have grown to add so much more than fruits and vegetables. A scratch bakery, meat shoppe, deli and kitchen are all now part of what we do. I love adding new things – as long as they are fresh.

My day typically starts at 2am at the Ontario Food Terminal. Tasting and inspecting each crop of strawberries, sweet corn, cherries, and more from over 400 local farmers and 20 brokerage dealers offering produce from around the world. Within a few hours (not days) that produce is at our stores!

Ingrid Willemsen


Hey I’m Ingrid! Among other roles, I manage new product creation in our kitchen, deli and bakery! You may recognize me from “Ingrid’s Salad Dressings” The poppyseed salad dressing is an old family recipe from my Aunt Pat (one of my first recipes for SUNRIPE).Growing up I was always in the kitchen with my mom and my aunts. While sneaking in the occasional “can I please lick the spoon?”, I learned how to make countless recipes the old-fashioned way – from scratch. Starting with the best ingredients, like fresh strawberries picked on our farm.If you were to look into my fridge on any given day of the week you may find “what’s next” at SUNRIPE. New recipes and recommendations are always being tested in my kitchen before advancing to the next stage in-store.Many of these new recipes became the foundation of our newest department, the Kitchen. As we saw a need for ready-made meals, I opened my old recipe book and got to work. We even got some new labels for “Ingrid’s Kitchen” too!

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Kysa Willemsen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Hi I’m Kysa! I manage marketing and communications! If you have a sweet tooth you may see me on our “Kysa’s Kookies” label.

My marketing career began with SUNRIPE when I was 5 years old. My brother, Ryall, and I became quite the radio stars rapping and sharing stories about our SUNRIPE favourites. Fast forward to now and boy have we grown from just radio – we now use email, web and plenty of social media too.

Ryall Willemsen

Operations Manager

Hi I’m Ryall! You may recognize me from our “Ryall-Rated Meat Pies”, namely because there was a time when I was addicted to them.

I started going to the Ontario Food Terminal with my dad when I was 5 years old and I’m still his #1 assistant produce buyer. We are at the Food Terminal several days a week where dad is teaching me where the produce comes from, the varieties and how to choose the best.. Sometimes I get to be the back up truck driver too! My newest hobby has been raising my own chickens.

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Mia Willemsen

Hi I’m Mia! I get to contribute to all the fun at SUNRIPE! You may have seen me hosting the “Mia Minutes” on Facebook and Instagram or a younger photo of me on our freshly squeezed orange juice!

Something new to my role recently is to help out in the office! I’ve been taking some accounting classes at school and love to lend a hand.

I will let you in on a little secret… I’m not the best cook. I know that’s not what you may expect for someone with over 100 episodes of kitchen tips and recipes but the Mia Minute is all about learning and, with a little help from my mom, the kitchen has become a fun place for to try new things!


Adelaide Store Manager

Hi I’m Tim! I am the Adelaide location store manager and have been on the SUNRIPE team for almost 11 years total. I started as a butcher and then became the meat department manager before my current role as store manager. My favourite SUNRIPE product, has to be meat of course, 2/5in. thick ribeye steak and my favourite times, among many, are getting ready for Buy One Get One Free sales alongside the hardest working team who always put our customers first.


Hyde Park Store Manager

Hi, I'm Jenn! I am the store manager at our Hyde Park location. I started in Dec. 2015 as I trained in Sarnia for about 3 months before I went to the new location (Hyde Park) as assistant store manager and then store manager, 6 months later. The work has been great every day since we started hiring staff and putting the store together. Even though we've had ups and downs, great laughs and some days were hard, everything has been worth it because we have a great team. They have shown that it doesn't matter how hard the day is they are always helping each other with a positive attitude. I am very grateful to be working for a such a great place and with a great team.


Sarnia Store Manager

Hi I’m Tracey, I started as the SUNRIPE Sarnia store manager on January 2019. I have learned each roll by working in all departments (even a few nights with our scratch bakers). My favourite product, and the reason I first became a SUNRIPE customer, is the Mexican Fiesta Dip. It may be crazy but my favourite days at work are the days leading up to a BOGO sale when we are full force hustle.

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