Join me in saying Thank You! 


In this time of crisis we should pause and recognize the people on the front lines.  The people that are sacrificing their time, risking their safety, working hard to make sure others are safe and those of us that are praying and supporting from home.

I am asking all of you to grab some crayons and send in a picture of your letter or a video of a thankful dance using #thankfulminutes on social media or this page to share your thanks.


It just takes a minute to say thank you.

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Thankful Minutes

How to share a Thankful Minute!

Option 1: Post on any social media with the hashtag #ThankfulMinutes (public posts can be seen & shared by us)

Option 2: Email your submission to Please include your name and a photo or video to share!


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Public Social Shares:

At Sunripe we are so proud and thankful for our amazing team. We are thankful for the many people at the Ontario Food Terminal that are distributing fresh food, the many truck drivers that deliver our food. We are thankful for the local dentists that have provided our staff with masks, the many doctors and nurses and care givers. The border guards that keep us safe and the public servants that have to make difficult decisions.


I asked my dad, Will Willemsen, if SUNRIPE could donate $10,000 to help those in need during the current crisis if we reach my goal of 10,000 'Thank You's! He agreed so all I need is your help to reach this goal. $10,000 will be donated to our local shelters. Share this with as many people as you can.